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Concerto delle Donne

Concerto delle Donne

| The Secret Lover
Beacon Hill Concert Series

TENET performs Concerto delle Donne, a program based on their acclaimed show The Secret Lover, which was named for the translation of Barbara Strozzi's work "L'Amante segreto." Concerto delle Donne is our tribute to the first professional female singers who became famous during the late Italian Renaissance in the Ferrara court. Featuring music by, for and about women, the the women of the Concerto delle Donne were known for their artistry and praised as virtuose offering private, informal performances in courtly settings known as “secret music” (musica secreta) for members of the court’s inner circle and important visitors. The signature style of the Concerto delle Donne was florid and highly ornamented.  The women were an inspiration to composers and musicians across Italy - both men and women - including Francesca Caccini, Domenico Mazzocchi, Claudio Monteverdi, Luigi Rossi, and Barbara Strozzi. TENET presents our own three ladies Jolle Greenleaf, Molly Quinn…

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June 27, 2015
4:00 pm